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Qualified & Certified DBAs generally work in one of three different roles:

System DBAs

The most common forms of DBAs work with systems. System DBAs work with the physical aspects, comparable to configuring the info, patches and upgrades, backups and restores, automation, maintenance, and disaster recovery.

Development DBAs

A development DBA works with the structure of the information, love the information model, design, and information definition language generation, secret writing (particularly SQL), operating with developers, and pre-production work.

Application DBAs

Application DBAs are the foremost specialized. They work for larger firms that need third-party code, akin to Oracle and PeopleSoft. These giant applications need dedicated personnel to put in, update, patch, clone, clean, and perform alternative regular information activities.

There is some overlap between these 3 DBA varieties, creating it easier for those within the profession to modify the positions supported by interest and knowledge level. In 2012, over 118,000 DBAs were used, across a various vary of fields and career levels.

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