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As one of oldest fields within the technical school business, there’s a transparent, linear path for a DBA that’s supported expertise. Most corporations need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in applied science or info technology before they’ll contemplate a candidate. Here could be a typical career progression path for a DBA:

Entry Level

You will have to be compelled to get a degree in computers; generally, info management is most well-liked over general engineering. Daily tasks at this level embody obtaining accustomed to the system and serving to users bear the info, you may learn the way to take care of the info and what’s needed to stay it secure.

With a bachelor’s degree, the common wage for entry-level DBAs is simply over $59,000, creating it one in all the best paying entry-level positions within the IT trade. Entry level DBAs also are eligible for the standard perks for the high school trade, together with bonuses and portion, yet as typically being used full time by firms in order that they conjointly qualify for edges. In 2014, those within the entry-level position attained up to $8,000 in bonuses and between $500 and $9,000 in portion.

To achieve the future level, most firms need many years of expertise. Obtaining an info system certification will assist you to stand out from alternative candidates. If your expertise doesn’t embody managing others, you would possibly need to induce a certification and take into account usurping a lot of responsibility at work as this can be needed within the next part of the work.


Those in mid-level positions usually have significantly a lot of expertise than those in mid-level positions for alternative less technical fields. Whereas most careers, like those in nursing and accounting, use the mid-level to mean many years of expertise, mid-level DBAs not solely want expertise, however, will manage groups and teams. Their work is significantly a lot varied than the work of these still within the entry level, with higher levels of stress. As a mid-level DBA, you may be planning and purification databases to fulfill the ever-changing wants of your company.

According to the USA Department of Labor, the median obtains a mid-level DBA in 2012 was $77,080. Most DBAs have begun to concentrate on a specific variety of information by now in their career, with application DBAs earning the best wages, as an example, Oracle information directors attained the foremost at nearly $120,000 a year. However, these roles are possible to be written the agreement, which implies they need fewer different edges.

Senior Level

A senior level DBA is often in a CTO role and needs years of expertise. the simplest thanks to standing out for this high-level position is to possess an impressive journal that demonstrates self-made management of each IT parts and info systems, whereas there might not be any certifications for this role, it’s expected that senior level personnel stays awake thus far with the most recent in new technology.

Over five hundredth of these used as senior level DBAs in 2014 had between ten and nineteen years of expertise within the field. in this position, you’ll be expected to develop new and improved ways in which of operating with the company’s methods for each database and alternative types of technology.

The median earnings for this level are $98,461 a year. throughout 2014, senior-level DBAs earned up to $15,000 in bonuses and between $1,000 and $14,000 in part.

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